Wanna ‘Do It Again’ ?

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What is it?

Those friends, who frequent the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Orkut, others who need to check their email accounts often, the fans who are regular on music pages and all those who surf their favourite websites, here is something to make your net-life smoother & quicker.

Do It Again is such a one-click fantastic PC application that makes the working on the PC much more easy. It saves a lot of trouble as it records on its own, the tasks performed by you while visiting your preferred site and whenever you may need it again, this application will repeat it in a single mouse touch.

How does it work?

Do It Again is an automation software. Also understood as a ‘Macro’, it records all activities on your computer just as MS Office macro does in Excel. It keeps recordings of tasks such as mouse-clicks or keyboard entries and when it is asked to repeat the same thing gain, it does so in the same series as you had performed initially. The benefit is that you can repeat an action as many times as you want and thus even increase your work speed.

After downloading this application, you shall have to create new tasks in which you shall be repeating all the actions/tasks you perform daily so as to record them in the application. Once recorded thus, you can direct it to repeat them as and when desired. One can record several such tasks in this application. Then, whenever the need be, just click this application and sans another touch, check your mail and so on.

Where to get?

This application is downloadable from


Apart from this, there are some similar other cool programs that are downloadable from www.autoitscript.com


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