Use PENZU, an E-Dairy, to keep your thoughts personal yet accessible

Posted on July 27, 2010 by


Yeah e-dairy that’s the name I thought first when I came across this really cool app PENZU . Quite frankly I don’t know the meaning of this word PENZU but certainly I can tell you what this cool app do.  With the title suggesting the purpose of this app itself, let me briefly explain what IT HAS GOT!  The first thing which I liked about this app is its interface, simple, clean and trendy. When you first open the home page you will find a notepad look-alike page making you feel as if you are literary writing on a notepad.

The app consists of all the basic features for writing and formatting. You can also insert photos into your posts using the “Insert Photo” Option available right next to the “Print” Option using which you can print your posts as well.  You can either upload photos from computer directly or upload through your Flickr account. The free version has the basic options available to itself but if you really like the app you can also upgrade it to a PRO version and have all the advanced options activated like adding Tags to your posts, Advanced formatting option, Mobile Access, as well as customizing the look of your account according to your taste by importing/exporting themes.


PENZU comes across as a very good option for people who are more into writing for internet or pursue writing as a hobby. The app not only provides some really good features but the traditional copy-pen writers would also like its Diary like look and feel a similar kind of experience.  Another thing which makes PENZU special is the way it keeps and manages all the entries separate avoiding any scope of confusion for the writer. The best part about PENZU is that you can access it from anywhere in the world at any time.  So if you are far from home but you feel like writing just log into your PENZU account and start writing.