Bharat Bandh on 5 July 2010 against Petrol price hike

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The Bharat Bandh on 5 July 2010 against Petrol price hike hit all the major cities of India disrupting the economy partially. While the stock market in the financial capital Mumbai was affected badly, other industrial states like Gujrat and Tamil Nadu were affected partially. The Bandh was called by activists from the opposition to show their disappointments with the rising inflation and price hike.

The impact of Bandh was not only limited to day to day local market operations but it also affected the local transport and logistics. Even several flights from Mumbai got cancelled as well. The country’s two biggest stock exchanges suffered huge fell down in average trading volumes as NSE’s equity turnover felt down to 35% which amounts to Rs. 7,765 crore while BSE faced its worst fall by 52% which amounts to Rs. 2,857 crore.

On Petrol Price Hikes – Do we live Petrol? Or we are slowly going back to cycles? 🙂