Ever wanted to know how popular is your name or your brand on social networks? Keep reading…

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Sunday the 6th, I logged into my FB account and found one message. It was an invitation from another tech enthusiast (like me) to join his FB Fan Page. As a tech lover and activist I redirected myself to his site to see what was cooking! I read an article about the Social Media and some tools which we can use to analyze our progress over social networking sites. The writing was good and the tools mentioned were already top from the industry but still I liked one tool which came new to me – howsociable.com.

Yes it is a tool that measures brand popularity and the amount of buzz that brand is able to create. The site covers all the major social networking sites and give a score which reflects how many people are there talking about your brand.  This tool works fine for starters yet it has its own limitations and a scope for improvements as though this tools comes handy where a brand name consists of one word still its algorithm does not support some searches for multiple words.

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